Dancing on Cloud Nine: Jacqueline & Andrew's

Lift of Love

Love has a beautiful way of unfolding, and for Jacqueline and Andrew, their journey towards forever began with a spontaneous decision to capture their love in a picturesque engagement shoot. Jacqueline reached out to me, and the excitement in her voice was palpable as she asked if we could organize a photo session in just three days. Without hesitation, I enthusiastically agreed, setting the stage for a memorable experience. Every love story is marked by unique moments that set it apart, and for Jacqueline and Andrew, their engagement session reached new heights—quite literally. One standout highlight was when Andrew, channeling his inner Patrick Swayze, swept Jacqueline off her feet, creating a moment straight out of "Dirty Dancing."

As a photographer, it's these unexpected and unrehearsed moments that make each session unique.

The Magical Sunrise at Ponce Inlet Jetty:

The chosen location for this impromptu engagement shoot was the Ponce Inlet Jetty (my hometown). There's something truly special about couples who embrace spontaneity, and Jacqueline and Andrew exemplified this spirit. From the moment we started the shoot, their joy was infectious, and their love for each other shone through every frame. The engagement shoot not only resulted in stunning photographs but also allowed me to witness the genuine excitement and anticipation Jacqueline and Andrew have for their upcoming wedding As they prepare to take the next steps in their journey, one thing is certain—their love story is destined to be a beautiful, harmonious dance that will continue to inspire those around them..